Steinbeck - of Mice and Man

John Steinbeck – Of Mice and Males

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He is well regarded for the Pulitzer Prize - winning new The Fruit of Wrath (1939). Another performs:  East of Eden (1952) plus the novella Of Rodents and Men (1937). As mcdougal of twenty-seven books, which include sixteen works of fiction, six nonfiction books, and five collections of short stories, Steinbeck received the Nobel Prize intended for Literature in 1962. Steinbeck's books can become classified because social novels dealing with the economic challenges of non-urban labour. Steinbeck does how to use omniscient perspective in his writings and Steinbeck's descriptions are rich and detailed.


The storyline of the publication introduces us the American south in 1930s in California. The key characters happen to be two employees George Milton and Lennie Small. Lennie is mentally disabled man with big strength. This individual loves touching all very soft things like puppies and rabbits, but this individual usually crushes them, because of his enormous power. George is his friend and he takes care of him. They are going from ranch to ranch and looking for some work. There is a dream that you day they may have their own farm. With the ranch wherever they are at present working, they meet Sweets who has enough money to create their fantasy more reasonable. Ranch customer's son Curley provokes Lennie and he breaks his hand. Lennie does not desire to damage people or animals, although because of his mental impairment he will not realize that. Curley can be married, although his partner is not so happy with him. Therefore your woman often seeks the company of workers. Some day she sessions Lennie and she is amazed at his animality. He explains to her that he loves soft things, so your woman lets him stroke her hair. Lennie presses so hard that Curley's wife begins screaming and he unintentionally breaks her neck. Lennie gets worried and operates away from ranch. George finds Lennie and wants to conserve him by lynching, thus he shoots him in the head.

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Themes: the predatory nature of human being existence




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