Stoichiometry Lab Report

Chem 121L

Component I:


Stoichiometry is the examine of the quantitative, or measurable, relationships which exist in chemical substance formulas and in addition chemical reactions. With this experiment hydrogen gas will probably be produced from the response of a regarded mass of magnesium metallic with an excessive amount of hydrochloric acidity. The theoretical number of skin moles of hydrogen gas could possibly be calculated employing stoichiometry as well as the balanced chemical equation. The theoretical amount of hydrogen gas may then be determined in the previously identified number of moles of gas by ordering the ideal gas law to solve for amount at the trial and error conditions of temperature and pressure. A comparison to the fresh volume of hydrogen gas obtained from the experiment is then made. The amount and percent mistakes will illustrate the experimenter's accuracy and precision.

Part II:


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Component lV:

Results and Discussion

When gases happen to be collected simply by water displacement the volume of gas above the water comes with not only the gas staying bubbled throughout the water yet also drinking water vapor. Consequently , the total pressure in the eudiometer is due to the gas pressure plus normal water vapor pressure. The pressure due to water vapor is usually directly proportionate to the temperatures of the drinking water. From this i was able to see how much Magnesium and H2 gases responded with each other combined with H2O and were able to determine the HCl: Mg ratio with all the data we accumulated. The try things out although at first the magnesium (mg) was dissipating to quickly turned out perfect after the second try.

Component V:

Queries and Answers

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