The Beatles

World records record the Beatles to the most popular band ever, with sales of more than one billion dollars units around the world. They went on to change the course of music and revolutionized the impact music can possess on people lives. All their style and innovative music set new standard for all those musicians to adhere to. They had more UK number ones than any other designer. Similarly, they may have sold more albums in america than some other artist. The Beatles as one of the most powerfulk groups of the 1960's induced a madness never seen before. Because of their popularity that they provided a soundtrack to an entire 10 years and technology that is even now as fresh today as it was the day it had been released. The Beatles a new extraordinary effect on society and culture. From this essay I will showcase the impact and musical legacy of the best act of them all " The Beatles''. The Beatles were formed in Liverpool in 1959. The artists orginally began as The Silver Beatles, but was afterwards changed by simply John Lennon, for the more favorable ''The Beatles''. Initially a five part group that included Stuart Sutcliffe (bass) and Pete Best (drums), the group built up their particular reputation playing clubs in Liverpool and Hamburing during the early sixties. Sutcliffe left the group in 1961 after having a dispute with McCartney and Best, and was changed by Ringo Starr the next year. Starr's addition to the band finished one of the most renowned musical series ups of all time which contained George Harrison ( lead guitar, vocals), Paul McCartney ( Striper, guitar, vocals ), Steve Lennon ( rhythm guitar, vocals ) and Ringo Starr ( drums, words. ) The band started to venture into various types of music ranging from pop ballads to rock, frequently incorporating traditional and other audio elements. It absolutely was this testing which led them to building a new and fresh sound which was and so attractive to people. After the accomplishment of The Beatles first solitary ‘'Love Me Do'' which was released in 62 The Beatles experienced unparalleled...



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