The Benefits of Moderate Alcohol Cunsumption

The key benefits of moderate alcohol consumption

Adam Jones

Psyc& 90

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Ron Lajoy, Ph. D.

Alcohol contrary to what one may believe in moderation, loosely defined as 2-3 servings of alcohol for men and 1-2 servings for ladies, has a wide array of health advantages. One of the initial studies of health benefits on moderate drinking was posted in the American Medical Connection in 1904. Alcohol rewards the blood lipid profile, raising good hypercholesteria and lessening bad cholesterol. It also decreases blood coagulation, reduces coronary artery spasm answers to stress, raises blood flow, decreased blood pressure, decreases insulin level, and boosts estrogen levels. Studies have demonstrate that average alcohol consumption can easily reduces the risk of ischemic cerebral vascular accidents by about 1 / 2 in men and women in all nationalities. Moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages also enhances the survivability of heart disorders; moderate consuming for the entire year prior to a heart attack, or AMI can decrease the risk of dying from the AMI or heart attack by 32% compare to abstainers of alcohol. Alcohol as well works with preventing cardiovascular disease; " In a research of nearly 88, 000 men, analysts found savings in coronary heart disease risk with increasing rate of recurrence of drinking alcohol for equally diabetics and non- diabetes patients. Weekly consumption of liquor reduced CHD risk by simply one-third (33%) while daily consumption reduced the risk by simply over half (58%) amongst diabetics. For non-diabetics, regular consumption lowered CHD risk by 18% while daily consumption lowered the risk simply by 39%. ” (Potsdam. edu) According to fifteen studies conducted in the US, The japanese, Finland, Korea, The Netherlands, Australia and the U. K. People who drink in moderation also decrease their likelihood of developing diabetes mellitus type 2 by 30% compared to abstainers. These research also affirmed that what you drink is not as important as the regularity in which you beverage. Consuming alcohol frequently, in moderation, is much...

References: http://www2.potsdam.edu/hansondj/AlcoholAndHealth.html

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