The Business Environment

Business 90

Illustrate the part of business in the economy.

Our economy survives on the fact that business may be the cornerstone of our financial stableness. The economy is definitely driven by business. Businesses provide the products, products, and services through which our world needs to support from day to day. Without business we all not have the ability to work and earn the money needed to pick the items that all of us use and need. We do not have to produce our own items needed to preserve life. Businesses and staff both spend taxes to the Government which will creates even more jobs and this creates additional money to fund the programs build the system needed to support an overall economy.

Compare the tasks of for-profit and non-profit organizations throughout the economy. Two types of businesses that exist today are both business that operate with clear target of making a profit, or the other being a organization that runs with the purpose of making zero profit. A for income business must sell it is goods and services for over it cost them. The organization has to consider everything it requires to buy and sell its products. The cost of performing which includes, payroll, taxes, advertising, raw materials, insurance policies, resources, and inventory every must be covered out of the proceeds before a profit can be made. The money that is left over is definitely the profit. A nonprofit organization usually a church or civic firm will operate on the basis of not having virtually any proceeds let over following the cost of business is taken away. For example; I am presently a member of United Providers Automobile Insurance Company (USAA). USAA is a nonprofit insurance company which offers its products to active duty, expert, and retired service members at lowered rate compared to other insurance providers. At the end of every fiscal yr USAA earnings the profits to its associates to maintain it is non-profit position. Discuss the impact of current fiscal and monetary...