The Philippine Values


The social job profession is definitely guided with a distinct pair of abstract ideals and a Code of Ethics. These values will be transformed into acknowledged practice concepts for the purpose of informing our input with clients. What follows is a listing of seven Social Operate Principles and brief description of each. AcceptanceВ - Acceptance can be described as fundamental cultural work theory that signifies a genuine understanding of consumers. Acceptance can be conveyed inside the professional romantic relationship through the phrase of genuine concern, open listening, deliberate responses that acknowledge the other person's point of view, and the creation of your climate of mutual esteem. Affirming IndividualityВ - To prove a customer's individuality is always to recognize and appreciate the one of a kind qualities of this client. It means to " begin in which the client can be. " Clientele expect individualized understanding and undivided focus from pros. Individualization requires freedom coming from bias and prejudice, a great avoidance of labeling and stereotyping, a recognition and appreciation of diversity, and knowledge of human behavior. Purposeful Expression of FeelingsВ - Customers need to have opportunities to express their particular feelings openly to the social worker. Since social staff, we must go beyond " only the facts" to uncover the underlying thoughts. Non-judgmentalismВ - Communicating non-judgmentalism is crucial to developing a relationship with any consumer. It does not mean that social employees do not make decisions; rather that implies a non blaming attitude and behavior. Cultural workers evaluate others while neither advantages or disadvantages nor while worthy or unworthy. ObjectivityВ - Closely relevant to non-judgmentalism, objectivity is the theory of examining situations without bias. To be objective in their observations and understanding, cultural workers need to avoid treating personal emotions and prejudices in associations with clients. Controlled Emotional InvolvementВ - There are three pieces to a managed emotional...



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