The Impressive Story of Jacqueline Saburido

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Professor C Randall

English language 1020-3rd period

11 Feb . 2015

The inspiring story of Jacqueline Saburido

Advertising posted on the web site facesofdrunkdriving. com share multiple stories of people who were unexpectedly struck by drunk individuals. There was 1 story specifically that was out to me personally more than the others and that was Jacqueline Saburido's. This advertising campaign makes a effective statement about how precisely drunk driving should not only destroy someone, although can also scratch someone for life. The goal of the corporation that placed this ad is to hardly ever drink and drive. It is far from worth jeopardizing your life, another person's life, or perhaps putting anyone at risk of lifelong hardships and injuries. They will present this kind of message with startlingly visual images of folks that are faced with these problems. A major area of the advertisement shows an image showing how Jacqueline looks now—after the accident—. The smaller image gives a comparison with all the main picture showing how she seemed before the incident. The advertisement involves words and images. The text at the top of similar suggest that certainly not everyone passes away from these types of accidents. Some people have to live with the consequences of someone else's activities for the rest of their life. The words at the bottom in the advertisement clarify how Jacqueline's life was changed permanently. The advertisement is very effective because it gets the point across by appealing to pathos, and also the emotional area of the target audience.

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The advertisement would not focus on the drunk rider who hit the car Jacqueline was in or on the several other close friends of Jacqueline who were seriously injured or perhaps killed in the accident too. The author's main concentrate was about Jacqueline and her tale. Some people seem to overlook the ones who endure fatal driving while intoxicated accidents. The ones killed aren't the only kinds to experience detrimental injuries. While it can be extremely sad to hear of someone dying...

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