The Unique Merits of Electromagnetic Vibrating Feeder

A common vibratory feeder can be cone shaped. The material bulk is delivered in an out of control fashion into the top of the feeder and a controlled delivery of the material comes from underneath of the feeder. An example will be a pill bottling system. The electromagnetic moving feeder can effectively offer the bulk and particle elements evenly, consistently and on a regular basis to the getting device, rendering it popular in the industries of mining, rubbles, metallurgy, building material, substance engineering, ore beneficiation, electrical power, food and coal puits. The electromagnetic vibrating feeder is a new type of nourishing device while using following advantages: 1 . It includes small size, light weight, low operation cost, simple framework and repair and there is no need to use the lube agent when the components are working. 2 . The electromagnetic moving feeder utilizes little electric power because it has adopted the resonance principle of the physical vibration technology. 3. It realizes high precision of the feeding amount while the material providing stream may be started and stopped in no time. 4. As the components in the material chute happen to be thrown up continuously, they jump forward in the track of parabolic, which leads to very little abrasion of the feeding ecroulement. 5. The electromagnetic moving feeder created by our company retreats into the controllable silicon half wave rectifying circuit, rendering it easy to realize the built-in controlling and automatic control. 6. This course of the electromagnetic vibrating feeder is not really suitable for the materials in the temperature more than 300в„ѓ and then for the situations that need anti-explosion processing. Since two of the most widely used vibrating feeders, the electromagnetic vibrating feeder as well as the vibrating grizzly feeder are definitely the tools that applied to give food to materials for the crushers, running machines and screening machines through the seatbelt conveyor. It is often used in the automatic control process in order to realize the automation with the...



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