The Vitruvian Man

The Truvian Man

Artwork, Science and Change

Jessica Rader

I. Intro

The renaissance era continues to be known for a lot of worldwide fine art pieces. A single particularly is a Vitruvian Guy by the late Leonardo Weil Vinci. Not merely has this kind of piece been reflected after as a popular piece in the renaissance time it has recently been carried through as an influential piece to humanities and has had a great deal of influence inside the blending of arts and sciences.

II. Renaissance Beliefs

I. Renaissance meaning new birth

II. Humanism helped bring aspirations and observations creating new system works of art.

3. Vitruvian Man 1487

I actually. Leonardo Da Vinci

II. The Vitruvian Man synonymous with movement to realism and modern research in an age of humanism. (Karl – Hans laermann)


Art and humanities is promoting over generations bringing fresh meaning and life to what is looked at in today's society. Architecture can be broad and ever increasing to new ideas even so without the background philosophies of our ancestors including the great Da Vinci modernization may not be since it is today.


Leonardo de uma Vinci's Foot: Historical Evidence of Concept

Adam R. Jastifer, MD


Luis L. Toledo-Pereyra, MARYLAND PhD

Record of Researched Surger sumado a

, 25, 281–285, 2012


This historical note delivers information towards the history of Leonardo Da Vinci art and interest in the architecture in the human body.

Age of faith and realism brings about theory of modern sciences in art. (TRANSACTIONS OF FAMENA XXXV-2 (2011) Karl-Hans Laermann)

(Marcus Vitruvius, De Architectura, Book III, Chapter 1, p 3) http://leonardodavinci.stanford.edu

Bibliography: Journal of Investigative Surger y

, 25, 281–285, 2012

Era of religion and realism brings about theory of modern savoir in fine art. (TRANSACTIONS OF FAMENA XXXV-2 (2011)

Karl-Hans Laermann)



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