The Wasp Factory

The wasp factory

Activity one:

1 . the novel can be driven by an extremely obsessive closed fist person liaison – honest cauldhame, who also speaks cooly and smoothly about odd events. In addition there are these sacrifice poles, upon which hang systems and mind of large pets or animals such as seagulls, that outspoken has wiped out. he believes they specify and protext the borders of frank's territory. installment payments on your he is capable of hmour, irony, self-analysis and has a objective look at of his strange condition. He lives in a practice life, stocking his sacrifice poles with all the heads of dead family pets and then urinating on them. He can aware that a lot more filled with signs, such as the substitute deaths represented in the doze positions in the wasp manufacturer clock fance. frank is a strangelys amiable character due to his smart thoughts and his complex physchological self as he displays a transparent trustworthiness. banks wished to show the darkness of the man mind. 3. scotland home (inverness) – often frank is in the attic/at the club in town along with his midget good friend or on his ‘island' upon which he lives with his father. 4. this kind of novel sways towards the ridicule and gothic due to its hunt for death, mortality and probably presentations in the monstrous in this world. it is extremeley violent, deeply precise/blunt and shows a large number of twisted types of actuality. the new works very well as a bildungsroman (coming of age) since it deals with frank's abitility to cope with events occurring around him as he ahs grown up. it also deals with bank's sceptical behaviour towards put religion. frank is compulsive about rituals and the sort of living things. the novel is also strongly regarding power as well as abuse.

Activity two:

‘banks' intorduction for the novel'

it really is true once my tutor said that every single page with this novel consists of at least four diverse literacy approaches. from just the beginning paragrpah, banks has personified two regular objects, a wooden ple and a factory which will we later...



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