How to get an excellent result


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Getting very good result in college is extremely important. Therefore , did you think why we need to get a good end result? Introductory comments

Do you know an excellent point normal (GPA) can present you with flexibility to alter majors? Reveal topic

I would like to talk about on how to get a good consequence.


A good result can let you keep your parents happy and feel good about paying for your classes. Change: Let me give you some tips to possess a good result. Body

1 ) Manage your time and efforts

a. –Please identify the " best” time and generate a plan.

my spouse and i. You should do difficult tasks first whenever your mind can be fresh. 2. You should produce a to-do list each day and follow it as best as you can. b. –Distribute the time you spend with class materials.

i. We need to review each week until test.

ii. When you have something to memorize, you must work on that first. Transition: Learn to say no to invitations when your focal points are established and go to every school. 2 . Show up at every category

a. Various students have got a common excuse.

i. They like to state, it is as well boring in the class.

ii. I can find the notes via someone else.

b. When you skip category, you will miss what the lecturer teaches. i actually. You will miss the important recommendations on task or quiz. ii. Several lecturer was less likely to assist if you will not have good attendance record. iii. You should get to know by least one individual in your school so that you may ask her or him some query. Transition: Now, I would like to discuss of gripping, riveting information. 3. Absorbing details

a. You may ask for help.

i. If you cannot understand the schoolwork, assignment, you should ask the assistance from lecturer. ii. You may ask after class or email.

b. You should do not be afraid to become great.

i actually. You should not worry if persons think you are ridiculous.

ii. You should work hard, and after that you will see the effect soon. Change: let's me personally end my personal topic with a sentences.


1 . Brief summary of main points...