I actually. Introduction

A. March 4, 1801 to March 5, 1809

1 ) He was a hero because he wrote the Declaration of Independence.

2 . He made the Louisiana Purchase for 15 million dollars and bending the sizeof the country.

B. Background Information/Major points

1 . He was a Hypocrite and tried to help to make slavery illegal while using 500 slaves

2 . He had an affair with one of his slaves.

c. Thesis

1 . Thomas Jefferson was obviously a hero as they wrote the declaration of Independence to make the Louisiana Purchase which doubled how big is the United States yet he was a hypocrite mainly because tried to generate slavery unlawful while using 500 slaves.

II. Declaration of Self-reliance

A. Freedom from The united kingdom

1 . Impartial county

2 . Made 13 colonies in states

W. New Federal government

1 . Failed to have to tune in to forgiven secret

2 . Made their own kind of government totally different from The uk.

III. Louisiana Purchase

A. Good Deal

1 . Napoleon offered it for 15 , 000, 000 dollars that was a good deal

2 . Doubled scale America

B. More property

1 . Persons could decide farther west.

2 . Much less People from a different nation in America.

IV. Hypocrite

A. Slaves

1 . Tried to make slavery illegal

2 . Owned 500 slaves.


1 ) Had an Affair with certainly one of his slaves

2 . Heading against his rules

Sixth is v. Conclusion

A. Jefferson was both a hero and a bad guy in American history.

N. He performed great such things as writing the Declaration of Independence as well as the Louisiana Buy.

c. He made a big difference in American history and performed a lot of things to help the state

But this individual also did something's he shouldn't possess like as being a hypocrite about making captivity illegal

when he possessed 500 slaves.