Tlc and Daily news Chromatography

Thin Layer Chromatography/ Paper Chromatography

Lab # 10


Sample # 32 pertaining to TLC

Test # 1 for Conventional paper


Chromatography is one of the most critical separation approaches used in almost all fields of chemistry including analytical chemists to pharmacists. The understanding of how chromatography works as well as how to operate devices used to carry out the procedures is an important lab technique to master.


Skinny Layer Chromatography. Lab #10-1

Paper Chromatography. Lab #10-2


Ethyl Acetate-Solvent found in TLC (mobile phase).

Dichloromethane- Solvent accustomed to dissolve every samples accustomed to compare unfamiliar in TLC Silica Carbamide peroxide gel Plates- TLC plates. Stationary phase

Essential Iodine- used to accentuate the spots on the TLC plates so we can measure Rf. Asprin(Acetylsalicylic acid)- First mixture used on TLC plate to compare the unknown. Salicylamide(o-hydroxybenzamide)-Second compound applied to TLC dish to evaluate unknown. Caffine(1, 3, 7-Trimethylxanthine)-Third compound applied to TLC china to evaluate unknown. Acetone- Solvent A used in conventional paper chromatography.

Ethanol- Solvent W used in paper chromatography.

Dithiooxazmide- Spray utilized to show to spots on paper chromatography Salt Diethyldithiocarbamate- Second spray accustomed to show areas on paper chromatography Ammonia- Smoke were used to bring about the spots within the filter conventional paper in newspaper chromatography.


Unknown in TLC was Aspirin

Unidentified in Conventional paper was Pennie

Rf Asprin-5. 5cm/7=. 78

Rf Salicylamide-6. 3cm/7=. being unfaithful

Rf Caffine-1. 2cm/6. 3=. 19

Rf Unknown(TLC)-5. 5cm/7=. 78

Rf Cobalt solvent #1-5. 1/6. 5=. 80

Rf Copper mineral solvent #1-5. 7/6. 5=. 87

Rf Iron solvent #1=1

Rf Nickel solvent #1-1. 4/6. 7=. twenty one

Rf Unknown(Paper) solvent #1-1. 3/6. 5=. 21

Rf Cobalt solvent #2=. 88

Rf Copper mineral solvent #2=. 86

Rf Iron solvent #2=. 91

Rf Pennie solvent #2=. 94

Rf Unknown(Paper) solvent #2=. 91


Rf Unknown(Paper) solvent #1-1. 3/6. 5=. two


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