Quiz #3

1 . Outsourcing has turned into a way to enhance an company flexibility in order to meet rapidly changing market conditions, focus on key competencies and develop competitive advantage. Because of this, the need for SM has increased and situated Supply Managers as brokers of tactical change critical to supply sequence success. A. True

installment payments on your Outsourcing diminishes an organization's flexibility in order to meet rapidly changing market conditions, but it can usually reduce total costs inside the long-term B. False

several. Early supply management engagement is a way in supply management to get the knowledge and collaborative synergy of suppliers in the design process. A. The case

4. The strategic sourcing plan needs to be developed in a collaborative environment that includes most relevant efficient area staff and supply string members. A. True

five. Foreign governments never inflict countertrade requirements. B. False

6. Lawful rates happen to be full costs for tariffs.

A. Accurate

7. Which of the next is not a strategic a significant making the outsourcing decision? A. A defieicency of short-term weaknesses.

8. Which in turn of the following is a consideration that mementos buying a product? B. Multiple source plan

9. Which in turn of the pursuing is not one of the conditions demanding negotiation? C. Market need to consist of sufficient number of retailers.

10. If the supplier is unlikely in order to meet future requirements the ordering firm offers several alternatives. Which is typically not one of the alternatives? B. Discuss a better selling price with the supplier for the existing contract.

10. Which of the following is definitely not one of the 3 stages to global source management shown in Section 12?

doze. Which of the following is usually not one of the popular features of a transnational corporation? Deb. Promotes democracy throughout the world.