1) Precisely what are the elements that influence the demand pertaining to tourism?

ATTITUDES: specific perception of the world

PERCEPTIONS: mental impressions of everything an individual runs into

TRAVEL MOTIVATORS: why people want traveling and what are the inner tendencies to initiate travel

PHOTOS: sets of beliefs, suggestions and impacts related to companies destination

2) Why do we have to study client behavior of tourist?

* The needs, obtain motivators and decision process associated with the intake of travel and leisure * The effect of different effects of various advertising tactics * The feasible perception of risk

2. The different industry segments based on purchase patterns * Just how managers can easily improve their potential for marketing achievement

3) What are the motivational theories applied to tourist's customer behavior?

Maslow 1970: This individual identified a couple of motivational types:

Deficiency or tension – reducing reasons

Inductive or arousal – seeking causes

Decrease 1 . Internal (hunger, desire, rest, activity)

installment payments on your Safety (security, freedom by fear)

3. That belong and take pleasure in (affection, love)

four. Esteem (Self esteem)

5. Self Actualization (personal self-fulfillment)

Danach 1981: He proposed that you have seven factors within the total approach to inspirations * Travel and leisure is response to what is missing yet desired: Tourists happen to be motivated by the desire of experience things * Destination Pull in response to motivational push

* Motivation as a imagination

* Motivation while classified purpose: visiting good friends, family ecc. * Inspiration typologies: A: SUNLUST (amenities that you cannot get at home) WANDERLUST (experience something new) B: typologies that focus on dimension function of the visitor * Motivation and holiday esperiences: debate regarding the authencity of traveler experiences and depends upon morals about the types of tourist activities * Inspiration as vehicle definition: the way tourist determine their circumstance is better than the observation of tourist patterns

McIntosh, Goeldner and Ritchie 1995

* Physical motivators

* Ethnical Motivators

2. Interpersonal motivators

* Position and respect motivators

Plog 1971: he developed a theory where US inhabitants was categorized into psychographic types

* Psycocentric: derives from the word mind where someone centers thoughts or issues on the little problem areas of life. They have a tendency to be safe within their choice of travelling and have many returning trips. " Repeaters” 2. Allocentric: they may be more adventurous and encouraged to travel/discover new places. " Wanderers”

4) What are the different levels of image according to " Guns' picture theory”?

Gunn 1972 determines two levels of image

* Organic: pictures which are certainly not related to marketing or endorsing * Caused: all the photos that are given by advertising and promotion.

5) Discuss the model of consumer behavior! (Compare the model)

Mathienson and Wall structure 1982: give a five-stage procedure for travel buying behavior and their framework is definitely influenced simply by four interrelated factors 5. Tourist profile

* Travel and leisure awareness

* Destination and characteristics

* Trip features

Five level process:

* Travel Desire

* Info Collection

5. Travel Decision

2. Travel preparation and knowledge

* Travel around satisfaction outcome

Moscardo et Ing 1996: they have provided a different approach to client behavior by stressing the value of actions as a critical link between travel and destination choice. They argue that motives present travelers with expectations intended for activities and destinations are seen as offering these actions.

6) Exactly what the critics of the model of consumer tendencies?

2. They are as well theoretical rather than grounded in different empirical testing * They are beginning to day and no fresh models have been completely developed considering that the mid 1990's yet the travel sector has evolved considerably *...



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