Travel and leisure

Issue Statement

The growth and advancement tourism in Trinidad coming from 2002–2007 and its effects on the economy and society.

Assertion of the Difficulty

Tourism takes on a major role in the growth and development of Trinidad. Many initiatives have been put in place to expand the market. The government of Trinidad is committed to building and applying standards of development and maintenance pertaining to the tourism industry. They try to keep all the tourist attractions such as beach locations and museums. The government likewise tries to increase the travel and leisure sector by different advertising schemes and promotions. This serves to inform persons around the world enthusiastic about visiting the nation. The number of travelers visiting Trinidad has increased over the research period, 2002-2007. Statistical evidence accumulated by the Travel Development Board of Trinidad illustrated that over the study period of 2002-2007 the number of tourist coming to Trinidad varied via year to year. During the years 2002-2005, the total number of visitors arriving in Trinidad increased from roughly 390, 1000 to 460, 000. The overall number of visitors visiting Trinidad over this era rose simply by 70, 000. In 2006 tourist arrivals hit their pinnacle. The entire number of tourists visiting Trinidad in this 12 months equalled 455, 000. In 2006-2007, visitor arrivals dropped from 455, 000 to 445, 500. Thus, the quantity of visitors chop down by 15, 000 over the last two season period. Although there was a decline in visitors in the last two years, there is still an overall increase in visitors to Trinidad over the analysis period. Travel in Trinidad has both equally positive and negative effects around the economy as well as the wider world. Some of the results of tourism include: offering entrepreneurial chances, allowing country communities to share in the great things about sustainable expansion, providing sociable stability and generating foreign exchange. The negative effects include: legal activity, poor infrastructure, poor customer service in several businesses and environmental degradation.  

Purpose of Research

The goal of this exploration paper is always to illustrate the impact, growth and development of tourism has on the economy of Trinidad. It also seeks to demonstrate the income potential with the tourism sector, given that the oil and gas industrial sectors are the key source of revenue for Trinidad. Tourism has great revenue potential, yet requires strategic plans for making it one of many sources of revenue for the region. The government can undertake distinct initiatives to improve tourism in Trinidad. These kinds of initiatives, if perhaps properly executed can absolutely influence aspects worth considering of our contemporary society namely, creating employment opportunities, developing foreign currency and helping preserve the environment.  

Educational Worth

Tourism can be not considered a main income earner pertaining to our land. Trinidad is dependent mainly around the energy sector in being the main income earner pertaining to the nation. This kind of research daily news explains the actual benefits of tourism are and exactly how it can help the become more economically diverse. But it gives insight on what can be done to improve all of the faults in the sector. This kind of project aims at informing other folks about hoe the growth and development of travel and leisure can boost our culture tremendously.  

Glossary of Terms

1 . Tourism – travel pertaining to recreational, amusement and organization purposes. 2 . GDP( Major Domestic Product) – identifies the market worth of all last goods and services developed within a nation in a provided period a few. Degradation – a decrease to a lower condition, top quality or level. 4. Infrastructure – the skills and facilities necessary for an economy to work. 5. Monetary Diversity – when a nation has salary from a number of sources that are not directly related to each other.

Literature Review

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