tragic leading man Ceaser

A tragic hero is actually a character that is inherently great, but who have, because of a tragic flaw and a serious blunder loses every thing. In the new Julius Ceaser there is a significant character that falls underneath the category. Marcus Brutus. Brutus's tragic flaw is his being too naive. Brutus had made himself assume that killing the beloved Ceaser would support Rome. On the other hand Rome transforms against the conspirators. And all these kinds of mistakes he has made qualified prospects up to his own fatality his fatality.

First reason he is a tragic leading man is that during the story he never really deceives or lies to any individual. In his protection even though he did tough their much loved role version Julius Ceaser, he presumed he was doing it for the love or great of The italian capital. When Brutus killed Ceaser he did not just destroy his friend even though this individual killed Antony's best friend, Antony still acknowledged Brutus since " the noblest Both roman of them all. " He does this in Action 5, Picture 5, Brutus had loved everybody more than his own life simply look at if he killed Ceaser he performed for The italian capital. He even said " loved Caesar less nevertheless loved The italian capital more”.

Brutus kills Caesar only because he is afraid of what to you suppose will happen to Ancient rome if Caesar remains leader. Brutus enables Mark Antony to speak in Caesar's funeral service even though Cassius highly disagreed. Cassius is afraid that if Brutus allows Antony to speak he may have a chance to turn those of Ancient rome against him and the rest of the conspirators. Brutus thought that anything was good at the world, which all men were professional. Brutus was gullible he believed anything everyone told him. Becoming naГЇve led him to his death. Because he was going to naГЇve he previously believed which the fake words that were delivered to him by simply Cassius impersonating Romans had been real and they wanted him to join the conspirators to kill Ceaser. Letting Antony speak in Ceaser's funeral was a enormous mistake upon Brutus's part despite what Cassius says he lets him speak anyway. Antony makes the crowd into a great uproar of madness and hatred and uses...

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