Good morning hours. Welcome to the Korea Photo gallery at the Smithsonian of Normal History. I'm Allison Chung, and I will probably be your tour guide this morning. Now, would someone please tell me what some things you know about Korea? Well, We am below to tell you that Korea isn't just about K-pop or Samsung, but it really is a place where the past is always the modern day and traditions inspire the near future.

Muniseok (tomb guardians)

Protected the ancestral fatal from nasty spirits.

Practice of placing tomb guardians dates back 1, 000 in years past. Sotdae

entrance to a Korean language village or perhaps an primitive grave

Other poultry are placed mainly because they can fly, swim, and walk about land; these are the messengers coming from sky and heaven. Likewise, they shield against the a few calamities (flood, fire, and windstorm) and 3 disasters (war, pestilence, and famine) Hanbok

designed and contributed by Lee Young Hee

Gold Rubber-stamped Designs: represented blessing towards the couple

That lotus Blossom: showed couple's love

Crane on the groom: symbolized the durability and the aristocracy to the couple Wedding Other poultry

Represented to the couple since ducks companion for life.

material around the duck called bojagi are used to carry and get good would like to the youthful couple symbolized the couple's relationship( ducks facing the other person means that the couple are having a good time and ducks facing opposite side means that they are possessing a bad time) Ancestor Church

used to honor deceased family

family places incense and offerings just like rice wine on the table place tablets in the tablet holder containing the name of a deceased member of the family Birthdays

100 days, 1 year, and sixty year

90 days was celebrated mainly because long time back infants didn't want to survive as a result of lack of medication and diet. Now, babies are living longer. 1st year- a child selects an array of objects that displayed the children's future. (have a you are not selected doing the interactive activity) rice symbolize never move hungry, twine represent you will have a long life, funds...



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