п»їSeneca Is catagorized Women's Privileges Convention

Seneca Comes Women's Legal rights Convention

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1 . In what point out did the convention come about?

The meeting took place in Seneca, Ny.

2 . About what year made it happen take place?

The convention happened on This summer 19-20, 1848

3. Who have organized the convention?

Lucretia Mott andВ Elizabeth Cady Stanton arranged the meeting, when they the two met at the 1840 Universe Anti-Slavery Tradition in London.

4. Why was it held in Seneca Falls?

Elizabeth Stanton's home was close to Seneca Declines and she worked with additional women around the area and a significant reform community emerged in traditional western New York in the 1830s and 40s.

five. How performed the World Anti-Slavery Convention working in london inspire the organizers of the Seneca Declines Women's Rights Convention?

Mott and Stanton were suspended from the conference floor, in the World Anti-Slavery Convention and that motivated all of them for their founding of the women's rights activity in the United States.

six. F. D. and L. M. -- Whose initials are these types of? Hint: they can be two celebrities who joined the meeting. F. D. stands for Fredrick Douglas and L. M. stands for Lucretia Mott.

several. What two other cultural movements had been people in the Women's Privileges Movement likewise involved in? Both other social movements had been the Decleration of Emotions and the Universe Anti-Slavery motion.

8. The fact that was the Announcement of Statements based on?

The Declaration Emotions was based on a piece of job that Stanton had drawn up over the previous couple of days. Stanton's declaration was based carefully on theВ Declaration of Self-reliance.

9. What did it state?

It stated " All of us hold these truths being self-evident: that all men and women are created equal; that they are gifted by their Originator with specific inalienable privileges... " The Declaration of Sentiments then followed by an in depth writing in the...



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